· Animated motion graphics intro for local business Videonomicon.

· Filmed/Edited/Co-Hosted Media Coverage & Interviews at Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo (2013).

· Artwork published in local magazine, "PUNCH" Volumes 3 & 4.

· All visual effects for small zero budget indie film, "Superbrawl" (2013. Dir. Myles Shingoose).

· Graphic artwork for prize-winning video, "Bruggerman's Revenge" (2008. Dir. Ashton Francis).

Crossing Swords is an ongoing webseries and podcast, where two guys discuss and debate the best and the worst in movies, televison, and videogames. Nathan and his long time friend Jamal started Crossing Swords together in 2013 because of their mutual love of geek and pop culture.

An Unlikely Tale is a five-part webseries created with zero budget, some great friends, limited time, and locations that happened to be available. Despite being one of his most ambitious video projects, it's also one of the first things Nathan ever scripted and filmed.

A variety of short films including comedy sketches, Christmas specials and a five-part webseries. Created for fun and experience.

Finely Crafted Nonsense follows the "completely non-fictional, autobiographical, photocomic adventures" of Nathan Labun and Asthon Francis. It involves a wide assortment of cast members (both human and otherwise), a variety of locations, and has an accompanying video podcast for each episode of the comic. This multimedia epic ran for 13 episodes with over 250 pages, and several hours of podcasts.

Prodigy Grey was Nathan's first foray into webcomics, as well as his first real attempt at long-form storytelling. He learned a great deal from working on it, and has grown as an artist and storyteller since Prodigy Grey's inception. It follows the journey of Arri Fiser, a young man working as a Scavenger for the Nation of Earth, the last vestige of humanity living in a colony on Earth's moon. He searches for working technology and various relics of the past on a now dead Earth, which was decimated by the catastrophic impact of three massive comets 120 years prior to the beginning of the story. Arri lives a troubled and reclusive life, but is determined to change his future, and leave his past behind.

Prodigy Grey was conceived in 2003 and ran from 2005-2009. Nathan still finds his thoughts drifting into the world of Prodigy Grey on a regular basis, and hopes that one day he'll have the chance to come back to it and properly tell the lengthy story in some form.

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