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Prodigy Grey was Nathan's first foray into webcomics, as well as his first real attempt at long-form storytelling. He learned a great deal from working on it, and has grown as an artist and storyteller since Prodigy Grey's inception. It follows the journey of Arri Fiser, a young man working as a Scavenger for the Nation of Earth, the last vestige of humanity living in a colony on Earth's moon. He searches for working technology and various relics of the past on a now dead Earth, which was decimated by the catastrophic impact of three massive comets 120 years prior to the beginning of the story. Arri lives a troubled and reclusive life, but is determined to change his future, and leave his past behind.

Prodigy Grey was conceived in 2003 and ran from 2005-2009. Nathan still finds his thoughts drifting into the world of Prodigy Grey on a regular basis, and hopes that one day he'll have the chance to come back to it and properly tell the lengthy story in some form.

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